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August 20th Public Test Build

The August 10th public test build is live!!
CLICK HERE to download it by following the instructions on the page.


Cinematic Trailer

Gameplay Trailer



When you launch the game you’ll be able to select your character with a few different customisation options. Then you will then select 2 weapon load-outs, and will be dropped into the map. There are 12 enemies placed around the map who will attack you on sight with a range of weapons. This is a combat test so the map isn’t too big, but large enough for you to run around to escape enemies/explore. There are around 10 weapons to choose from and different ways to combine them as well.

All you need is a fairly decent computer/laptop and 3GB of free space. Any GTX 10-series plus 8GB RAM can run max settings, and the low settings mode can run on low-end gaming setups. Enjoy!

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