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Development Update #9

Hello everyone! We’re back with another dev update to round off the year, and there’s a lot to share since the last update! As always, thank you for your continued support & patience during this process, it really motivates us to create the best possible game we can!



We have started to work in some of the ideas we have had for abilities. Abilities are available for use at all times by players, and have unique, varied effects (some passive, some active). The first two abilities we have to present are Summon Spirit Hound and Spectral Arrow


Spectral Arrow

This ability will turn your next arrow into a powerful, gravity-defying projectile which lights up its surroundings and does an immense amount of damage, at the cost of some mana when activated.  Players can use it to help find their way, or hit a target from far away without having to worry about accounting for arrow drop.


Summon Spirit Hound

This will channel the power of the void to summon a banished soul in the form of a spirit hound, who will follow the player and attack any enemies it comes across. However, it must return to the void after a certain amount of time to restore balance, either forcefully by death, or after a certain amount of time has elapsed.



An overlooked feature in most games, the ability to climb ladders! This gives us a lot more options for level design, and provides an extra level (quite literally) to many different interactions.


Strigoi Animations

The strigoi enemy has been fully animated, thanks to David Reyes, we are still in the process of implementing them, so here’s a clip of an animation for the meantime:



We are in the process of building out Agrippa in the game world. Agrippa is a cornerstone of Stormrite’s lore, so we are taking time to make sure the city captures the essence of the lore in-game. Here are a couple of early-development screenshots of a blockout created out-of-engine



Tutorial Prompts

We also added tutorial prompts to help the player when they may not know what to do


NPC Health Bars

We have redesigned the enemy health bars, they now show the enemy’s current status (Fighting, Investigating, Fleeing or Idle), whilst also indicating the NPC’s affiliation with the player.


New Key Art  & Steam Page Graphics

Stormrite has a new look, thanks to the Indie Pups. We have updated all of Stormrite’s graphics with the new illustration!

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