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The Fall Of The Empire

During the peak of the fall of the Humanitalian Empire, an alchemist by the name of Balthazar
discovered a substance which he later named Infinium. Infinium is a gold-coloured liquid that gives
anyone who consumes it superhuman powers. He presented the substance to the Imperator of
Agrippa who ordered for more to be made and distributed to the army. The army fought off the
Bandits for 3 long years with the help of Infinium, causing them to retreat and allowing Agrippa to
live to fight another day.

Balthazar was hailed as a hero, given riches and fame beyond his imagination. Infinium transitioned
from a combat drug to an everyday recreational drug distributed to all residents of the city. Along
with the superhuman abilities it grants, Infinium, like many other drugs at the time, seemed to grant
temporary happiness to its consumers. The city ran on Infinium and even children at the age of 10
were taking it.

Balthazar’s Discovery

However, Balthazar’s further studies into Infinium revealed a terrible fate for the residents of
Agrippa. While testing Infinium on animals with short lifespans, the drug seemed to cut their
lifespans to a third of their life expectancy. It was also constantly developing new side effects, as if
the drug itself was evolving. Thankfully Balthazar managed to alter the recipe to mitigate these side
effects, but he was still worried about the life expectancy of Infinium takers. He produces a serum
that negates all effects of Infinium, including life expectancy reduction.

Every time Balthazar tried to bring the effects of the drug to the attention of the Imperator he was
quickly dismissed. After a year of silence, Balthazar couldn’t hold it in anymore. He ran to the steps
of the Temple and announced the findings of his experiments to the residents, but they were too
brainwashed to listen. They threw stones, animal guts, and anything else they could find at Balthazar,
who was later captured and silenced by the guards. The Imperator stripped Balthazar of his titles
and sentenced him to life in prison, raided his home for the Infinium recipe, and continued
production. However, Balthazar forgot one step on his recipe, the most important step of all. The
final step he added to mitigate the side effects. The senate started mass producing a more
dangerous, potentially life-threatening version of Infinium.

Present Day

Agrippa still stands in the present day, but it rarely gets any visitors. It is situated in the
center of the map. However, they keep themselves to themselves, and most outsiders are scared to step foot
into the city. Furthermore, its residents have become mind-numbed husks of who they once were. Everyone in the
city is under the influence of Infinium at all times, and anyone who opposes the use of Infinium is swiftly dealt

However, the Bandits are back. They have set up camp around Agrippa and are preparing a large
raid to eradicate the Humanitalian empire for good.

by Kelechi Apakama



14th September 2020

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