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March 1st Public Test is Coming!

The March 1st public test build is coming!!

Gameplay Trailer



Patch Notes

  • Magic system:
    • Mana system with mana charging
    • 8 spells, 4 active, 3 buffs and 1 enemy debuff
    • Status effects on some spells (Fireball burns, azakhim’s curse slows and applies weakness, and a few more)
  • Abilities:
    • Character can now have two abilities (one is locked to charge mana if user has a spell equipped)
    • 2 abilities in the game, roll and kick, that use stamina
  • New UI: Gone is the old, ugly health bar, and now we have a nicer UI with more information about your character’s status
  • Melee combat improvements:
    • You can now move while attacking, so you don’t have to committ to a strike direction once you’ve clicked attack
    • Enemies now deal slightly less damage
    • Parry window increased, allowing for more forgiving parries
  • Movement Changes:
    • Character now walks when moving backwards to avoid infinite kiting
    • Character now stands still when holding breath in archery mode, and walks while aiming
  • A targetting system for melee combat, making combat easier for gamepad users
  • Many armour pieces and weapons added to the game
  • Combat animation tweaks
  • Ambient in-game music
  • And many minor tweaks and bug fixes

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