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Stormrite 0.2.0 Magic Guide

As you may already know, we’re about to release Stormrite version 0.2.0. A.K.A the March 1st Public Test. In this update, we’ve added a magic system with several spells to increase your options when in combat.

All spells require mana to cast, and to obtain mana the player must draw it from the crystal attached to the hip. This can be done using the ‘Ability 1’ button or the shift key on the keyboard. Once you have enough mana to cast a spell, hold the button for the corresponding hand and release it when you want to shoot the spell. Once the charging graphic on the crosshair is flashing, the spell is fully charged and you should release it. Spells can be cast without being fully charged, however they will do less damage and travel slower. Spells can also be dual-cast if both hands have the same spell equipped and you press both buttons at the same time, dealing more damage but not at double the mana cost.

Buff spells are cast with one press of a button and will last for a length of time before they wear off. Multiple buffs of different types can be active, but if you try and apply the same buff twice, it will just reset that buff so it lasts the same amount of time it would have originally lasted, rather than adding time onto any existing buffs.


A simple spell that launches a ball of fire towards your enemies. It has a moderate mana cost and deals a decent amount of damage, but is one of the slower spells to fully charge. It also has a chance to apply a burn to the enemy upon contact.

Ice Spike

A shard of ice that impales your target and deals moderate damage. It has a low-ish mana cost and is an ideal partner for a slower charging-spell

Arcane Missiles

Bolts of magical energy that shatter upon impact with your enemy. They have an extremely low mana cost, charge very quickly, and travel quickly as well, but they deal the least damage of all the pure damage spells. We recommend to dual-wield this spell, and fire alternately instead of dual-casting.

Void Orb

The most powerful spell in the game. It takes a very long time to charge and uses the most mana, but deals immense damage, and when paired with Hell’s heart can one-shot enemies. You need to keep your distance while using this spell so we recommend using a gap-creation spell such as Swiftness and Azakhim’s Curse alongside it, or going full glass-cannon and dual-wielding the spell.

Azakhim’s Curse

Shoots a bolt of cursed energy towards the target, dealing a small amount of damage but applying a curse on impact. This curse doubles the incoming magic damage to the target and slows them for a duration of time. This is a very useful spell to have alongside a damage-dealing spell, creating distance between you and the enemy.

Hell’s Heart (Buff)

Channels energy to apply a buff to the user that doubles the magic and melee damage dealt, at the cost of applying a burn to the player for half the duration of the buff. This can be a melee fighter-s best friend, usually in a second loadout with a regen buff to support a melee primary loadout. For insane damage, partner this with Azakhim’s curse to dispose of an enemy with ease (this requires very good loadout management though)

Regen Buff (Buff)

Applies a buff to the player that regenerates health over time. Very useful in a secondary loadout for a melee fighter.

Swiftness (Buff)

Get away from your enemies with ease using the Swiftness spell. This spell grants increased movement speed for a short duration of time, allowing you to kite your enemies with your damage-dealing spells/weapons. This is a great spell to use for archers in a secondary loadout, allowing you to escape tricky situations and attack from a new angle.


Even though this guide provides recommended combinations of spells to use in the game, experiment with your own combos! And don’t keep them to yourself, share them in the discord 😉 Enjoy!


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