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Stormrite is now on Steam!

Stormrite is now available to wishlist on Steam!

We’d REALLY appreciate it if you could spare a few seconds to head over to Steam and wishlist Stormrite. It helps out a lot with exposure and also lets us monitor our progress to see if we’re on the right track all the way until release!



What you can expect from us in the coming months:

We will be focusing on world-building in the near future. This means a focus on bringing the mysterious world of Stormrite to life, along with the characters you may have seen in the lore. We will also be writing a lot more lore for you all to sink your teeth into, and will introduce a lore section to the website where you can see it all in one place. We have some very exciting plans for the story and can’t wait to share them with you.

Also, we are putting a lot of focus on bringing Stormrite to consoles, so will be working towards an eventual console release.

Finally, we will be launching a Kickstarter later this year (more on that to come) so stay tuned for that! There will be plenty of benefits for backers to make sure your support is worth it!

In the meantime, if you would like to stay tuned with Stormrite, check out the discord to join the conversation, and if you want to keep playing the latest builds of Stormrite, check out the Patreon to see if you’d be interested in joining the internal testing track!

Thank you all for your support thus far, and we hope we can keep this momentum up all the way until release!

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