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Development Update 1 – New Combat System


We’re trialing a new way of showing our community what we’ve been working on. Up until this point, our different communities on their respective platforms have been seeing varying parts of the development process, without there being one place to go for all Stormrite development updates. So here is our official pilot dev update!

We’d like to show you what we’ve been working on over the past couple of weeks while our Kickstarter has been running. Development has been slightly slower than usual recently due to the regular management of our campaign, but that hasn’t stopped us from getting stuff done!



The main thing that has been worked on recently is an all-new melee combat system for Stormrite. We had paid a lot of attention to the magic and ranged combat of the game, but felt it was time to undergo a long-overdue rehaul of the melee combat in the game.


Our new combat system aims to make melee combat a more viable and enjoyable choice of fighting style in the game. We’ve taken inspiration from the Witcher 3 and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla for this, as our main inspiration, Skyrim, has melee combat that we would like to stay away from.

Blocking is your best friend, as you can see from the clip above. Blocking will prevent all damage from basic attacks, but you only have a limited amount of “weapon stamina” (to be renamed). When you run out of this, your blocks will no longer have any effect, leaving you exposed. This stamina is regained when not blocking, encouraging players to go on the offensive when they can to take the pressure off themselves in a fight. A well-timed parry will regain stamina, however, also rewarding players who are willing to take risks.

Dodges are another component of our new combat system that open up opportunities to catch your enemies off guard. When timed correctly they will leave the enemy completely exposed, allowing for massive damage-dealing potential.

Here is a video of a full fight with the combat system in its current state:


Our character artist, Alex, has been hard at work delivering new clothing and armour for our new human models! Some of which were seen in the trailer, the clothing models Alex has created are all in the game at the moment, but we have not yet switched over all our character models so, unfortunately, we can’t show them in action just yet. However, here are the models Alex has produced recently:

“The Order” armour
This armour set is the signature set for members of “The Order”, a mysterious cult whose influence stretches across the entire kingdom of Redreach. We will be releasing some official lore soon, however for now, here’s a look at what the members of the Order will be looking like in-game.
(Although you’ve probably seen the armour in the trailer already!)
Basic Cloth Garms
These garments will be a few of many basic clothing items you’ll be seeing the inhabitants of Redreach wearing on an everyday basis. They are simple, cheap clothes that can be found in most places, but are the first pieces of non-armour clothing we have created for the new character models.
Steel Armour
Another armour set. One of the main, accessible sets in the game which will be available for low to mid-level players. On the left is the concept drawn by our Concept Artist, and on the right is an early blockout of the armour.


Our Lead Artist, Kim, has been working on doors for the buildings he made for the game. Here’s a look at one of them.



As always, we’ve been continuously writing lore to develop Redreach’s unique personality. We will be publishing “The Order” lore soon, and will also publish the lore for the Skjölmen, a race of sturdy warriors that inhabit the north-western regions of Redreach.


Along with the stuff you see above, we’ve also been working on some smaller things, such as:
  • Archery FOV (Field of View) improvements
  • A Facebook page
  • Optimisation work 
  • Combat UI mockups + improvements
  • And more!
And, last but not least, we should have an exciting, NFT related announcement coming in the next week, so stay tuned for that! Make sure to keep sharing & spreading the word, and let’s finish this campaign strong! 😀
Many Thanks,
– The Stormrite Development Team

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