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Stormrite Joins the Enjin Ecosystem

We are proud to announce that we are working with Enjin, a market leader in blockchain gaming, to bring eco-friendly cosmetic digital assets to Stormrite!

These assets will be redeemable in-game across saves, and will change the appearance of your in-game equipment/companions in unique ways! We will be releasing Stormrite assets periodically, some more limited than others, to give players exciting cosmetics that they truly own, to try on their character when the game launches in 2022.

As we close out our Kickstarter campaign today, we’d like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who has supported Stormrite. We are more motivated than ever to create the amazing gaming experience you are all expecting!

Stormrite: Action-RPG for PC and Xbox

If you’re new to the Stormrite community, welcome! 

We’re building an open-world Action-RPG for Xbox and PC.

Stormrite is an upcoming open-world Action-RPG set in the dark, fantasy-medieval kingdom of Redreach. You will play the role of a young squire, exploring a world full of chaos and conflict. Become an expert assassin, learn the arts of dark magic, or lead your armies into large-scale war. With multiple endings to all questlines and a rich character tree to decide how you interact with the environment and its inhabitants, you have the power to decide your role in the world of Stormrite.

Kickstarter supporters from “King” tier and above will be the first to access the game in Closed Alpha, slated for Q4 2021. Future release plans include a publicly-available Steam demo in early 2022, with full release for PC and Xbox planned thereafter.

Enjin: Pioneering Gaming NFTs

Enjin has been a player in the gaming space since 2009. Their original gaming community platform, the Enjin Network, hosted over 20 million players.

Enjin is also a leader in NFTs, with products that allow developers of all sizes to integrate NFTs in innovative ways. Their team created the ERC-1155 NFT standard back in 2017 and launched the first NFT minting platform.

Enjin’s ecosystem is fueled by Enjin Coin (ENJ), a cryptocurrency used to back the value of blockchain assets. This means every Stormrite NFT will be infused with real-world value in the form of ENJ.

We’ve chosen to partner with Enjin because, along with their status in the world of gaming NFTs, they are also committed to decarbonizing NFTs. By adopting Enjin’s JumpNet blockchain, all of the NFTs we integrate into Stormrite will be carbon-negative!

You can read more about Enjin’s environmental commitment and JumpNet’s eco-friendly approach here.


As items truly owned by the player and verified by the blockchain, NFTs have a very interesting role to play in the world of gaming. 

They can power decentralised marketplaces in online worlds, serve as the primary inventory system in single-player games, and be used as cosmetic add-ons to enhance full game experiences.

This last approach is the one we are taking with Stormrite. Instead of running giveaways and hosting in-app purchases for items anyone else can get their hands on, we’re giving players the chance to obtain unique items they can be proud of and showcase to other members of the Stormrite community.

These NFTs can also be freely sold on the marketplace when a player no longer wishes to use the item, allowing the community to interact with and support each other in ways which would otherwise not be possible.

Putting Gameplay First

For players who don’t wish to purchase Stormrite assets, the gameplay experience will not be changed at all. Stormrite will be a 100% single-player experience with no pay-to-win features, and we will never deviate from this. 

However, should you choose to, you will be able to customise your character with cosmetic items exclusive to the assets you own.

When you redeem an NFT, it will become an item in your inventory that can be applied to any items of a valid type to change it into the NFT item you purchased. The stats will remain the same, but the item will look like your NFT. This is to avoid any pay-to-win situations that could ruin the gameplay experience.

Get Involved

All assets will be sold on our Stormrite page on the Enjin Marketplace. We will share development progress and announce all assets on our social media channels before they’re released, so join our community and follow along so you don’t miss out! You can find us on Twitter, Discord, and Instagram.

Have any questions or feedback? Comment them below or get in touch with us on social media or via our website. 

We hope you’re as excited as we are for this!

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