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The Kickstarter is Over, thanks for all the support!

After the most important month of Stormrite’s development cycle so far, our Kickstarter is over and we managed to raise an incredible…

£41,117 !!!

This is more than double our original goal of £20,000 and we cannot stress how much we appreciate everyone who has supported the Kickstarter in any way possible. Whether you pledged, shared, or even mentioned it to a friend, we couldn’t have done it without you.

The campaign was capped off with an incredible £12,000 pledged in the last 24 hours. It’s unbelievable to think that this happened and, as you may know, along with reaching our goal we also unlocked TWO STRETCH GOALS!

£25,000 – New spell types + mounts

We will add 3 new spell types to the game’s magic system, adding to the plethora of spells we already have planned. These spells will be mainly focused on space management and crowd control, ultimately giving magic users more options when faced with a group of enemies. We will also add non-horse mounts to Stomrite, such as wolves, bears, and other creatures, each with its own advantages.

£30,000 – Animal companions

Animal companions will be added to Stormrite. Some will be tameable in the wild, some will be purchasable in towns. Larger animal companions such as wolves will help you in combat, whereas other companions will have more specific uses.


What’s next?

As soon as Kickstarter has finished processing all the pledges, we can confirm who has backed which tier (in the case of unsuccessful payments) and we will start rolling out surveys for each tier, so you can fill out any necessary information to prepare for the rewards you are entitled to! We’ll also be handing out the discord roles at that point, so make sure you make a discord account and join the server if you’d like to claim your discord benefits!

Once again, thank you ALL so much for your support, and we will make sure to keep you all updated here on major updates in the development process, along with posting a copy of every dev log we put out on our website!

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