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Development Update #4 – Unreal Engine 5!

Hello everyone! We’re back with another dev update. A lot has happened since the last update. It will be hard to cover everything in this update, but if you want to keep up with every part of the dev process, don’t forget to join the Stormrite Discord Server [LINK] The main things I’ll be talking about in this update are:
  • Unreal Engine 5
  • New weapons
  • Dialogue
  • Combat improvements
  • New music
  • And more!


UE5 Migration

Ever since Epic announced the new features for Unreal Engine 5, we knew we wanted to migrate over at some point, but using software that is still being heavily developed is extremely risky. The reason we’ve decided to switch now is because our Alpha testers were having issues loading in new areas of the world would cause lags and sometimes freeze the game entirely for a few seconds.
After racking my brains on how to fix it, I decided to give UE5’s new world partition system a try. And it’s amazing. Not only has it eliminated these freezes, but it has also reduced our loading times.
UE5 has also allowed us to make Stormrite look much better. Not just on max settings, but even on lower graphics qualities. Now everyone can enjoy the beauty of Stormrite’s vistas! There are many other improvements that have come with the upgrade, but I won’t go on too long about them :), instead here’s some artwork we’ve been working on.


Steelgarde Longsword




Executioner’s Sword

Steel Greatsword


Spell Icons


Cave Entrance Concept



Dodges now give a brief period of immunity, and consume stamina. They are a valuable technique in combat, as a well-timed dodge will consume much less stamina than blocking an attack!

Blood physics

When a character is hit, a simulation happens to decide which surface the blood hits, and splatters blood on said surface. The simulation takes into account the distance moved, the type of impact, the speed of the blood and the amount of spray, to correctly decide how to represent the blood on the impacted surface. Here is an example of how that works:





Proficiencies are key to your experience as a player, allowing you to mould your character however you want. There are currently 16 planned proficiency trees. We could add more, or change them before release, so these are all temporary at the moment. Also, do note, the icons are placeholders.


The dialogue UI has been re-hauled, this is how it looks now:





  • Nick
    28th March 2022 at 2:08 pm

    Looks great so far! I’m interested to see how much more ue5 can offer during thr production of the game.

  • NoteMEdown
    28th March 2022 at 5:53 pm

    Wow! looking really good. Im surprised how fluid it all looks.

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