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Development Update #7

Hello all! It’s about that time, for another development update 🙂

This month has seen a lot of interesting changes made to the game, but equally as importantly, a lot of changes outside the realm of development. So let’s dive right into it!


New Archery System

The old archery system was boring and uninspiring, to put it bluntly. The player felt like an endless machine gun of arrows, and, the shots felt like they had no weight to them. We’ve fixed this by requiring the player to hold the shoot button to fire an arrow, with longer presses resulting in more powerful shots which also travel faster through the air!

We have also made it so players can shoot arrows without pre-aiming. They can shoot “from the hip” as seen at the start of this video, allowing for better mobility, but at a cost of accuracy and power. This is what the new archery system looks like so far:



New Boss

Can’t say too much on this without spoiling the story but… here he is


Procedural Speech Animations

In the last update, I mentioned a system we are working on to create speech animations directly from audio files. This will save us hours of development time, and allow us to focus our energy onto more important areas of the game.

Since the last update, we’ve added eye movements, head movements and emotions to speech. We’re currently working on escaping the uncanny valley, but at the moment, we’re satisfied with the results!



Social Media

We are always looking for ways to expand our wonderful community, so with that in mind, we’ve now got two new social accounts for Stormrite! An official Twitter page, and a TikTok account. Be sure to follow us over there for some of the ins-and-outs of the development process that aren’t always shown on the monthly development updates!



Our artists have been pretty busy with other commitments lately, so we haven’t got a huge art dump for you, but here’s the latest stuff they’ve been working on!


Redreach Officers


Redreach Soldiers (Left to Right: Archer, Footsoldier, Knight)


Steelgarde Shield & Axe



We now have a lore page on our site where you can catch up with all the latest Stormrite lore releases! This week we released the Skjöl lore, explaining the origins of the mighty warrior race of Northern Redreach.
Over the coming months, we aim to put out more lore for Stormrite. We have a lot of stuff that’s in the draft stage which needs to be cleaned up and posted, but any new lore will be put up on our website’s lore page, and will also be tweeted out on our official Twitter account.

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