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Development Update 3 (+ Alpha Update)

Hello all! It’s been a busy period for Stormrite, so we’ve got a lot of content to show you. The recent focus has been on building the remaining core systems for the game, along with some more art, as we’re always working on that 🙂


New Combat System

The new combat system has been completed! Melee combat has always been the fighting style in Stormrite that needs the most work. We’ve experimented with many methods to make melee combat as smooth as possible, but found the best solution would be to rebuild the whole thing from scratch. Now you can block, dodge, parry and execute your enemies with finishers, with weapons ranging from swords to spears!




As mentioned above, spears have been added to Stormrite! They’re perfect for keeping your enemies at a distance, and enemies with spears can be quite pesky if you don’t deal with them first.


World Building

As always, we’ve been focusing heavily on world-building. The area around Silverhorn is being fleshed out for the alpha builds, most notably the entrance to a spooky cave down the road from the village, as you may have seen in a couple of the videos above:
We’ve also started blocking out other major locations in the game, starting with Agrippa. If you’d like to refresh yourself on Agrippa’s lore (or read it for the first time), take a look at Agrippa’s lore page on our website 🙂
This is a concept drawn up by one of our concept artists, that showcases the square at the heart of the city of Agrippa:

Credit: Marco Venitucci



More Garments
These are coloured + textured versions of the garments that were shown in the last dev update:
Redreach Banner
Below is the banner for the Kingdom of Redreach. This will be on the shields, and incorporated into the armor of the kingdom’s soldiers, and you’ll see this banner flown high in government-controlled areas across the map!


Quests + EXP

Our questing and leveling system is complete. The quests are now fully integrated with our dialogue system, and the player can level up by completing quests or killing enemies. Here are a couple of videos showing the UI for these events:


Non-Humanoid Enemies

We added the first non-human enemies to the game, to fully test how robust our combat system is, and it was a flying success! On your travels you may come across the Lupis, a rare, aggressive breed of wolf only found in the Kingdom of Redreach. They can be tamed and, as a result, you may find them fighting alongside other humans. Here’s how they look in combat:


New Music!

Our composer, Andrew, has provided us with an amazing piece of music to add to the Stormrite OST, as part of the exploration suite.


Alpha Update

As you may have seen on the backer channel in the discord, the alpha has been slightly delayed due to illness on the team causing development to slow down recently. To avoid postponing the release to just after the festive season, we’ve decided to release the first alpha build on 3rd January to make it convenient for all parties.
Thanks again to everyone reading for supporting the game and helping us reach where we are now. We couldn’t have done it without you and we do hope you’ll be sticking around for a while!


  • Caleb Hayward
    20th December 2021 at 4:46 am

    Great work! It looks like everything is coming together slowly but surely. It’s very interesting and inspiring to be watching the development of Stormrite. Keep it up!

  • Alex
    20th December 2021 at 12:22 pm

    Nice, nice

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