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Requiem Origins (DRAFT)

Requiem Origins (DRAFT)


The Mysterious Wizard

There is a wizard in the town. Power like this has never been seen before. He can move objects with the sheer power of his mind. The young boy becomes obsessed with this man, and goes to his door every day to help him with menial tasks. 5 years go past and the young boy is now 19, the wizard decides to take him on to be his apprentice. The wizard tells him all of his secrets except the one – how he gained his powers. Unbeknownst to the apprentice, the wizard unlocked the power of the Rite of Sophros, an ancient passage that allows any who recite it correctly to control the world around them.

The wizard starts to feel the effects of the Rite of Sophros. He Loses control of his actions, then his body, then his mind, eventually leading to a painful death. The whole town is shocked. People are calling for justice, the main culprit is the apprentice. The apprentice is accused of murder and sentenced to death. He flees the town before they can keep hold of him, taking all of the wizard’s notes with him.


The Exile

He lives off the land, based in a cave studying the wizard’s notes. Wizard’s notes had scribbles of a runic language on them, with pronunciation of each character and a natural plant next to it. One slip of paper has a sequence of these characters on it, and the apprentice eventually decides to find the plants, arrange them, and recite it. He is hit with a wave of power, and he can now control stuff. Rite of Sophros has been discovered. He dedicates his life to finding more combinations, eventually becoming more and more powerful. He finds 6 working combinations in total, and names them each. Sophros (control), Khronitus (time), Ignotia (fire), Corpulos (death), Gainum (earth), Anemus (wind)


Requiem’s Revenge

Goes back to his town to exact revenge on the residents. Men, women, children, animals, he spared no souls. He becomes feared in the town by those who remain, but it doesn’t stop there. He wreaks havoc to each and every town he can find. They worship him in pure fear of opposing him. They call him “Rek-Tu-Hiem”. But this power does not come without a cost.

Over time he feels weak and begins to lose control of his mind, body and soul. His skin constantly feels like it is burning. He is haunted by the spirits of those who he has killed, and the earth seems to crumble beneath his feet wherever he walks. He returns to his cave scrambling through the wizard’s texts to try and understand what is happening. But no luck. The ground-shaking intensifies, and the dirt starts swirling around his feet. He loses complete control of his mind, and accepts his fate as he is swallowed up by the earth. As his last act in this realm, he writes down the note on a piece of paper.


Requiem Meets His Fate

He wakes up in darkness. No sound, no one, nothing. A faint light appears and comes closer and closer to him, until it eventually enters his head. Suddenly, he can see. But his surroundings shock him. He thinks he is in hell. Fire and suffering surround him, and for the first time since he discovered his power, he is scared. However, he is doomed to stay here for eternity. All becomes clear to him. He was been banished to the void for abusing the Stormrites, surrounded by those he killed in his rampage across the lands, and there is no way out.

Over time, Requiem embraces his position in the void. Slowly regaining his power, and regaining control of his mind and body. He feels powerful again. He explores the void to learn more about it, and in doing so realises why he cannot leave. The void needs his power. By unleashing the power of the Stormrites in the overworld, he was draining power from the void. Once the void had no more power, it started fighting back. It drained Requiem of some of his power, but it wasn’t enough. He was banished to the void to solve the power imbalance.


The Realisation

Requiem soon realised that the void needs to have power at all times, either in the form of the energy itself, or by holding someone captive who has enough energy in them to keep the void going. This was a way out for him. All he had to do was find someone or a group of people with enough energy in them to replace Requiem. He sent out spirits to find such an individual, but there was no one with such power anywhere in the overworld. So he decided to send out a spirit to trick someone into discovering the Stormrites and open a portal to the Overworld, from which Requiem would escape and banish this person to the void. That was his plan.

by Kelechi Apakama



14th September 2020


Lore, Origins, Requiem

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