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Development Update 2 – Art, Lore and More!

It’s time for the second official Stormrite dev update! Over the past month, we’ve been working a lot on the game world and the story behind it, creating art and lore to flesh out Stormrite’s unique feel. This week, we released two pieces of lore! The first was the complete Requiem Origin Story, and the second was the lore for The Order (+ the Steelgarde) who, if you remember, we showed you the armour for in dev update #1! Speaking of which, here’s some of the weapons that our concept artist drew up this month:

Steelgarde Weapons

These are concepts of the weapons for the Steelgarde – a ruthless mercenary group that roams the kingdom of Redreach. This set of weapons contains everything a melee or ranged fighter could ever need


Left to right: Longsword, Greataxe, Mace

Left to right: Axe, Sword, Shield





The first non-humanoid enemies created for the world of Stormrite. These creatures will come in winged and non-winged variants, and will be met throughout the game in dark areas + at night-time (They don’t really like the light).



Early Blockout for the Strigoi


Steel Armour

Last dev update we shared the concept + block-out for the steel armour set. Well, now it’s been completed and is in the game! Here’s what the finished product looks like:




Leather Armour + More Clothing

We’ve also started working on some new clothing items that can double up as armour. These will be easily accessible at the start of the game, and you’ll see many variants of them in the early game.


[Unnamed Enemy] Concept

This scary guy doesn’t have a name at the moment, but this was an early, hairless design created by our character artist:



Environment Art

We’ve just recently hired a level designer who will be working on the team for a little while, aiming to add extra layers to the game world, with interesting objects/scenarios that each have their own stories behind them, also bringing through our design and lore into Redreach in-game.

For example, small things like this will provide nice areas to start quests, and interest the player as they travel between major waypoints:


Footstep VFX

To go along with the reactive footstep sounds system we have that takes into account the impact of the footstep + the surface to play a specific sound, we’ve also added particle effects that depend on impact + surface as well! Here’s a gif to show the wet mud and sand examples:

Kickstarter Rewards

Thank you to everyone who has completed their Kickstarter rewards surveys! We have assigned all the discord rewards (apart from the surveys completed in the last few days) to those of you who are in the server, but for those of you who provided your discord username but aren’t yet in the server, make sure to head over and join, shoot me (Kerds78) a message in the server or on DMs and I’ll get your roles assigned to you!

Anyone with a “Design an NPC” reward will be receiving a draft of their NPC’s face and body in the next couple of weeks, so make sure to send those through if you haven’t already 🙂

Thank you all for your continued support! We’ll be back with another dev update when we’ve got more to share with you, but if you’ve got any questions in the meantime, feel free to ask 🙂

Thanks as always,

– The Stormrite Development Team

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